Welcome to My Adventure! An introduction to your blogger…


After looking at this blank page for 20 minutes, I am beginning to think on day three of a sinus headache has finally reached my thinking center.  So with a quick call to my naturopath, I choose an easy subject: my adventure.

DaddyFoster and I are raising 5 sons.  There you have it.

I could totally stop there, right?  But I won’t.  It really is so much more interesting.  Some people are saying “Five boys?” and then something else I have probably heard before.  “Were you trying for a girl?”  No.  “Do you know what causes that?” I heard this one from a friend with five children of his own, so he was allowed.  If you have less children than me, you are not allowed to say this.  “Are you going to have more?” Truly, this one is no one’s business but mine and DaddyFoster, but I am quite happy to have my body back.  And as long as they don’t kick each other too hard, I’m hoping to have plenty of grandchildren someday (way, way, way in the future, ok, Boys?)  And my favorite: “I’d bury myself six feet under if I had that many boys!”  Seriously lady?  You know you just said that if front of my sons?

Let me introduce you to our team:

MamaFoster: I’m sort of a funny mix of things.  I love Jeeps (really old ones) and the opera, the city and the country.  I can dress up fancy to attend a theater production, or put on boots to go splash in puddles.  I try to live as holistically and intentionally as possible, knowing that what I do affects other parts of my life and other people.

DaddyFoster: My Honey.  A tall, quiet man with the deepest brown eyes.  His smile always brightens my day.  He has a crazy sense of humor and makes me laugh.  I tend to have lots of ideas filling my head, and he’s the one the holds on and keeps me grounded…so I don’t float away!

Boy #1: Mostly quiet 15 year old, with a very, very deep voice.  He recently joined choir at the high school and I was pleased to find out he didn’t inherit my inability to sing.  He is (almost) always ready to lend a helping hand, like lifting heavy objects or reaching objects on the top shelf that mom can’t touch.

Boy #2: (13) Clever young man, who devours books, enjoys music (especially Johnny Cash), and games.  He regularly whips me at Words with Friends and loves playing Cribbage with his Grandpa and Uncle at family gatherings.  He also recently discovered he can sing too.  Yay!

Boy #3: (11) This boy is my deep thinker.  He often comes up with thought provoking questions, usually late in the evening.  Also a very sensitive soul, who loves animals, giving to others and is always ready with a hug!

Boy #4 (almost 9) is a tiny ball of energy.  And does he have the moves!  Turn up the music and watch that boy go!  He can sit for hours playing with Lego’s.  This one has always been my best sleeper and my best eater.  As a toddler he would eat salad by the fistful!

Boy #5 (5) has a memory like a steel trap.  He is great at remembering names, which can be so helpful to Mommy, and things we have said, which is sometimes not so helpful.  He loves books, the library, and learning to read.  His faith like a child is an example to all of us.

Sissy: No, I don’t have any daughters.  Sissy is our kitty.  She is a one year old black tabby.  She got her name when the boys said “She’s the best sister we’ve ever had.”  Guys, she’s the only sister you’ll ever have.  She is still very much a kitten.  She loves to stalk us one minute and the next she’s nuzzling your ear and purring.

There you have it, the Foster Team.  What makes our adventure so much more of an…adventure are the various quirks we carry with us.  Two of us have attention deficit, another may, but we’re still without diagnosis.  Another has attention deficit and hyperactivity.  One struggles with oppositional defiance disorder (no, not all teens have this…it is so much more than what you think), and internal regulation.  And two have varying levels of sensory integration struggles.  This leads to some outside the box thinking and creative ways to help everyone be successful in their endeavors.  We also remind the boys these issues are NEVER an excuse for poor behavior, but rather a reason to try harder (or more creatively) to work around them.

After our wedding ceremony, 16 years and three weeks ago, the recessional we chose was “The Great Adventure” by Steven Curtis Chapman.  We sometimes joke, “what were we asking for?”  And then we throw our hands up in the air and smile!



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