Shining like the stars in the heavens…


starry sky I am fortunate enough to live in a small town in the country. In less than five minutes in any direction, you can find farmland, hills, rivers, creeks. One, of many, things I love is the view of the sky. A few blocks from home I can stop and gaze upward. The stars are amazing. You just cannot see this many in the middle of the city. All that artificial light tends to interfere with the view. So many tiny specks, shiny brightly from within, fires built up for all the world to see. In the middle of a bustling city, they seem so insignificant, but out here in the country…wow. I once saw a demonstration of the impact of one small light. Sitting in my friends basement, with the fluorescent lights on, a candle was lit. The flame danced around, but it illuminated nothing. There was nothing for it to light up. Then the lights were turned off. Think really dark, this is a basement. Once again, a candle was lit. In the soft light, I could see my friends sitting around the room. I could see the furniture, the books on the shelf, the lights above dormant and dark. Like the stars. In the middle of a city, like New York, Chicago, Seattle, you look up and see dark sky. In the middle of the country, the stars illuminate the landscape. This morning I pray I can be like one of those tiny stars for someone. So insignificant, yet illuminating the darkness.


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