Oops, I did it again.


alarm-clock-ringing This morning did not start out as I had hoped. The alarm didn’t go off, not even in my dreams, so Zumba did not happen today. I cannot find my keys, though really nothing new there, but Boy #2’s trombone is in the van. I only attended half of a meeting last night, but was so completely exhausted, as evidenced by very likely sleeping through the alarm today. Too add to my feeling of unpreparedness for the day, I could not remember what topic I had intended to write about this morning. Until I opened this page. Oh, right, failure.
We all have these days, some of more than others. Days when nothing seems to be going our way. Our best intentions go right out the window, and we groan and lament and whine “woe is me!” Stories are oft told of Edison’s many failures among his few bright successes. But he had a silver lining. “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” There is a man with some perseverance. I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have even made it to 1,000 ways. He apparently had a way of looking at failure as a way to learn.
I used to say I didn’t believe there were “good” and “bad” experiences, but simply “experiences” in life that we could learn from. Though I’m not sure this is completely true for me today, or really was then either, I do believe each experience is one to learn from. In my work as a teacher, for example. I have had a lot of great times, which is why I still really love being in the classroom. But I have also had some bad days. Sometimes it’s a particular crazy day, sometimes I have a disagreement with a colleague, sometimes I screw up. But then I get back up, brush myself off, and try again.
So, I skipped my workout this morning. Tomorrow is another day. So the alarm “didn’t” go off. We’ll try again tomorrow. So my day didn’t start off the way I wanted. I figure out what needs to be different, and move on. I have an entire day ahead of me, waiting with new adventures, some fun, some not so much. And maybe I’ll make some mistakes. I’m human, it happens. But if I didn’t, this wouldn’t be much of an adventure, would it?


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