I think I need a tune-up


emptySometimes we take care of ourselves like we take care of our vehicles.  This is a good thing if you are great at caring for your car…oil changes every 3,000 miles, routine tune-ups, washed and waxed on a regular basis, and of course, only the best fuel.  But if you care for your car like me, you might be in trouble.  The Beast (Chevy Astro) desperately needs an oil change, and she’s not had a tune-up in the eight years we’ve had her.  And sometimes I play this game called, “how far can I go with the gas light on?”  And the best fuel?  Does anyone buy it anymore at the current prices?  Both of the vehicles are fairly reliable, and get us where we need to go when we need to.  But can they keep going this way?  How much longer will they last?

We often do the same things to our bodies.  We give them the wrong fuel, fail to get proper check-ups, go on too little sleep, and still expect them to get us where we need to go.  Sure I should get around 7 hours of sleep each night, but there is so much I need to get done!  Protein is great in the morning, especially for people with ADHD, but the cereal bar is so much quicker and easier.  That afternoon pick-me-up?  How about a cola?  And we’re surprised when we feel like poop?  We have aches and pains, we aren’t as focused or energetic as we would like to be, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Sorry, kids.  I don’t have enough energy to play Go Fish tonight.  Go to the park?  Not a chance.  Why don’t we just order pizza and watch a movie?

Ugh!  I am kicking myself, because this is so me right now.  Too many carbs, not enough protein.  Definitely not enough water.  Two nights in a row, out too late with friends.  But even if I had been home, I would have stayed up late to work on things, or read a book, or maybe watch a movie.  And I missed my exercise three days in a row.  No wonder I have a headache!  My tank is empty, my battery is dying, my oil needs changing and my tires…let’s not go there.  It’s time to recharge, refuel, clean up!  It’s time for a tune-up!


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