I wish you a good sleep…


moon-watching-night-100916-02Today has been a very busy day, but a good one. I spent my morning with toddlers, finished paperwork and delivered a thank you note. Then things really got moving, directing chores, guiding homework, monitoring screen time, making dinner. Added to all this was Son #2’s paper route as he has a pulled muscle still bothering him. I was fortunate enough to have #3’s help in delivering. After dinner was dropping boys 1, 2 and 3 at Scouts and off to home party. And while I have a great many ideas swimming around in my head, I must admit I am much too tired to put them into any sort of coherent form. So, I shall do what I need to take care of myself (http://wp.me/p31AYK-3m) and go off to bed. But first I will wish you a good sleep with a poem from a favorite poet…

Moon-Catchin’ Net

By Shel Silverstein
From A Light in the Attic

I’ve made me a moon-catchin’ net,
And I’m goin’ huntin’ tonight,
I’ll run along swingin’ it over my head,
And grab for that big ball of light.

So tomorrow just look at the sky,
And if there’s no moon you can bet
I’ve found what I sought and I finally caught
The moon in my moon-catchin’ net.

But if the moon’s still shinin’ there,
Look close underneath and you’ll get
A clear look at me in the sky swingin’ free
With a star in my moon-catchin’ net.


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