Laughter IS the best medicine!


Laughing with #5!

This morning, to keep a group of toddlers occupied while waiting for snack, I decided to sing the “Name Game” song. You know the one…”Johnny, Johnny, bo bohnny, banana-fana, fo fohnny, me mi mo mohnny! Johnny!” A fun song of alliteration and funny sounds, and everyone love to hear their own name. It’s all fun and game until THAT name, the name that doesn’t go quietly with some of those letters. I started with this child’s name, then came, “oh.” The other teacher grinned and said “Yeah, Miss MamaFoster, let’s do that one!” The child was looking at me. Why isn’t teacher singing my name? Some quick thinking and alternative rhymes saved the day, but I’ve been giggling ever since.
Many of my days are filled with laughter, much of it directed at myself. How many opportunities would I miss if I didn’t chuckle at my own craziness? Some are just little things: didn’t think before I started a song, nearly forget to drop off the boys before heading to work. Some are so much more spectacular. I laugh every time I think of the time I freaked out the neighbor boy. I had a pair of roller blades I had used maybe twice in five years. My poor ankles just don’t have the strength it takes to balance on one thin line of wheels. As you can imagine ice skating is out too. But I thought I’d try again. Round and round I rolled on the path encircling our building. I got it down okay, but still kept falling on my rear. One more time around. As I came back past our apartment, I felt myself going down. Determined not to land on my tail again, I attempted to turn my body. What resulted was awesome. A sort of mid-air body roll. Like a horizontal triple lutz. Only instead of landing back on my blades, I did a belly flop on the grass. While I didn’t land on my rear, it didn’t come out as I had pictured. Things rarely do…I nearly gave myself a concussion attempting a back bend for the first time.
The best part though was the look on the neighbor kids face. He had come out of his unit just in time to see an adult fail spectacularly. I heard the surprise and fear in his voice when he asked “Are you okay?!?” Already laughing into the lawn, I told him “Yes, sweetie, I’m fine. But I think it’s time to give up rollerblading.” That poor kid! The bigger we are, the harder we fall.
Laughter truly is the best medicine. What do you have to laugh about today? Did you mismatch your socks? Did you pour juice in your cereal? Did you accidentally perform a complicated acrobatic feat while running through your daily routine. Go ahead, laugh! It’s good for you!


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