A Healthy New Adventure on the Horizon


In the hope that I would have better luck at sticking to my resolutions this year I made the resolution to start one per month.  Except January.  To this month I added the resolution of keeping up with a blog.  We’re doing okay so far.  Next months resolution was in the works…eat healthier.

The past few years I have struggled with my weight, as well as minor, annoying health issues.  My husband and one of our sons has also dealt with weight and we all have had health issues that may or may not get better with a healthier diet.  Both DaddyFoster and I have researched diets (as in eating habits, not “oh, I have to go on a diet”), from paleo to vegan and everything in between.  The information age is making my head hurt.  So we sought wise counsel and were told, if we are going to change, the whole family needs to change.

Goal #1: Get everyone on the same page at meal time.  With the first four boys, that was easy!  As a toddler, Boy 4 would eat salad by the fistful, and as long as we avoided peas, Boy 2 was happy to eat just about anything.  Except for that short stage when we used white pepper so he couldn’t see it in the food.  All of the boys have been fairly happy with most foods.  Then we had Boy 5.  Yes, peanut butter is a great source of protein, whole wheat bread is grains, and raspberry jam is a kind of a fruit…maybe.  His lungs have had some exercise the last two weeks around dinner time.  Not only is he tired because he’s in the “no-nap” class at preschool, but now he has to deal with not getting catered to at the dinner table.  Tuesday night he tried bargaining, but slammed his bedroom door when we stuck to our decision.  I thought that was a behavior reserved for teenagers?  The fits are getting shorter, and he’s starting to understand he doesn’t want to go to bed hungry.

So now that we have established we’re not a restaurant, we move on to goal #2: providing healthier options in meals and snacks.  We thought we had a couple more weeks to mull this over, but no.  We are all trying some form of Boy #2’s anti-inflammatory diet.  Why all of us?  Because we change together.  And, well, with is rather rigid sense of fairness, it’s easier.  And it’s healthier than what we have been doing.

This poor young man pulled a muscle in his back last week in gym class, and while the exercises and remedies his doctor has given him are working, he is still in pain.  So, now we have this diet to follow.  When I read the doctors instructions to him, “avoid dairy, wheat, sugar”, he lamented “what am I supposed to eat?!?”

“Sweetie, you know there are several other food groups, right?”

With my own physical issues, anti-inflammatory diets and supplements have interested me for a while, but I never really got around to doing anything about it.  It’s amazing how our children help us jump into gear!

So tomorrow’s grocery shopping will be a new experience for me.  A few more fruits and veggies (we really like them a lot here, except maybe Boy 5), except the nightshade family.  No gluten, no dairy, no white sugar (this was the first thing on my original grocery list, followed by brown sugar).  Plenty of yummy protein, like fish, poultry, and nuts.  And maybe a bit of dark chocolate for Mama….I heard a bit is good for you.


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