Happy Birthday, #4!



This is my #4.  A beautiful little surprise. Late in the pregnancy, an ultrasound tech told us she was about “70-75% sure” he was a girl. Unless he’s hiding something really well. He must have been hiding something. I was so excited, and a little worried. What would I do with a girl? I only know how to shave heads? At least we wouldn’t need to teach her to aim. Though given the state of our bathroom some days, I think we may have forgotten to teach someone else to aim.

So we celebrated. The pink baby shower was held on the 18th of January, five days after the due date, two days before the birth. There was a pink cake, pink candies, pink balloon, pink baby clothes! A couple of days later it was time for the birth party! That’s what I call them. I invite my mom, aunts, best friends…it’s a party. There are girl names on the dry erase board, talking and laughter (I had an epidural, couldn’t really feel a thing), then it was time to get down to business. Everyone got quiet about the time the doctor said “it’s a boy!”


So I named him after my Dad. And he totally looks like him, too! And thus began a beautiful relationship, (as are all of them).

Some time during his preschool years, I began to wonder about his energy level. I figured he either had more than the other boys, or I was just getting old. More digging brought an official diagnosis of ADHD, the summer after kindergarten. And he knows it. Mostly because he has had the opportunity to participate in a study. And because we talk about it. How to live with it, how to work around it, how to be successful by thinking a bit outside the box. Creativity is strong in this one.

Happy Birthday, my Little Bug! May this year be filled with great adventures!


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