Yes, they’re all mine.


My husband works with all men, and as one can imagine, sometimes the jokes get a little “funny”. Today they joked about, we’ll say…reproductive health. DaddyFoster’s response of “maybe I’ll look into that” got raised eyebrows and more than one guy saying “don’t you have enough kids?” So original, right?
I have heard most, if not all, questions or comments one gets with having a large family.

  • “You know how that happens, right?” Yes, I learned when I was ten. Do you?
  • “Were you trying for a girl?” No. I was trying for five children. At this point, would I know what to do with a girl? I only know how to give a buzz cut!
  • “How do you do it?” Um, I get up in the morning and do what I have to do. Just the same as anyone else, with one child or ten.
  • “Wow. You sure have your hands full.” Duh. But I like them that way. Keeps me out of trouble.
  • “I’d bury myself six feet under if I had that many boys.” This one actually resulted in a call to her supervisor, suggesting tact training for employees.
  • “Are you Catholic (or Mormon)?” At what number does procreating become a religious thing?
  • “I’d go crazy with that many kids.” Who’s to say I haven’t?
  • “Are you done?” It’s so much fun, and they’re so cute, why should I stop?

There are surely many more and so many things we can say. I would like to share a fellow bloggers take on these questions:

Large families, unite!


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