The Soundtrack of My Life


I think I finally did it. I think I finally caught up on sleep. It may have been the jazz. It may have been the too little sleep several days before. It may have been spending all day with 27 seventh and eighth graders. Maybe it was everything. Shortly after arriving home I dozed off. Maybe around 7. And woke a few times this morning, but finally crawled out of bed about 9. So here am I, well rested.
Despite the attention span of a middle school child can at times rival that of a preschooler, I really enjoyed myself at the Jazz Festival. Sure, there was some shushing, reminders to be polite, and plenty of encouraging. But I spent all day listening to jazz. Are you jealous?
In a recent conversation about music, I confessed my love of the opera and the symphony. Another individual said she prefers stories, as in musicals or operas, but not just music. She couldn’t just sit at the symphony and listen. The last time I went to the symphony I was the same age as the kids I chaperoned yesterday. I remember closing my eyes and letting the music carry me away. Why would I need someone to tell me a story, when I have ones of my own creation in the theater of my mind? I may be flying over meadow and dale. There may heroes and heroines. Maybe it’s simply a scene from my own life.
I LOVE music!
I grew up with such an eclectic mix of tunes. One look at my Dad’s itunes collection and you would understand. Classical, rock, country, christian, world, musical, soundtracks. He even had sound effects records we would listen to when we were kids. Maybe this is what fed my love of music. Or maybe it’s the wonder of exploring other’s talents (I cannot carry a tune and do not play an instrument). Maybe it is the emotions music invokes or the stories it tells. Maybe it’s all of it together.
I love listening to music and let it be the soundtrack to my life. Certain songs fit better than others. In ages old tradition, I will say most of the music my son’s listen to, don’t fit. Some rock, some oldies, maybe. But if my life were a movie, I think I’d stick to a classical track.  So if you see a few people following me around, with instrument in their hands, I’ve either acquired an orchestra, or I’m chaperoning another field trip.


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