Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha got cookin’?


I am one lucky girl! My husband cooks. I’m not talking about heating up a can of soup, or the occasional Saturday morning pancakes. I’m talking about sauteed green beans with garlic and sesame seeds. I’m talking about perfectly seasoned and juicy birds, hot from the oven. Spaghetti sauce that begins early on Saturday morning and simmers all day long. When he calls me to kitchen and says “Here, will you taste this?” I am never disappointed. Sure, he uses most of the dishes in the kitchen, but it is always worth it.


He has the kind of talent it takes to taste something and know exactly what it needs. He can try something new, a little off the wall, and make it a masterpiece. When I tell the children I’m getting creative in the kitchen they all whine “Noooooooo!!!” But when Daddy’s in the kitchen, they know it’s going to be good…maybe a little spicy, but always good.
But there’s more! A guy in the kitchen is hot! Girls, you know what I mean. Guys, learn to make something delicious (preferably from scratch), and you will make her heart melt. Just try not to dirty every dish in the kitchen.

dirty dishes


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