In February, I resolve to…


New-Years-ResolutionsFebruary is here already! I cannot believe it! Where did January go? Is it really that time again? Time to make my next Resolution for 2013? Truly it’s my 4th. Here they are so far:

#1: Make one resolution per month. I figured this would make it easier to stick to it, make a habit, follow through.


#2. The actual resolution for January. Start and maintain a blog. 27 posts in one month? I’d say this one is going fairly well. Now if I can just get more readers…


#3. The extra resolution. Change the way I eat, to be healthier and happier. This one was going to wait until this month, but medial issues made it necessary to move it up. Loving the gluten free, dairy free, sugar free (almost), Paleo, Mediterranean thing we have going here. It was SO much easier to cut out dairy when the entire household has gone dairy free. My tummy is so much happier, and so is the rest of the people who have to live with me.

#4. Resolution for February! Hmm. What could that be? I’m sure plenty of ideas swimming in my brain on December 31st. But it seems they have been filed away somewhere, and I know not where.  Let’s review…commit to making changes, share my life with others, eat healthier.  Aha!  I found it.  Exercise.


Ugh.  Really? I’m really more of an exercise your brain kind of girl.  Word games, number games, reading.  I do enjoy surfing!  Okay.  The internet.  I don’t even swim.  Yes, learning to swim is a great resolution, but maybe we’ll wait until the Spring session?  So here we go…

…I resolve to exercise 4 days per week.

Yes, Biggest Loser on the Kinect counts.  And the Zumba game.  And Just Dance 4, though I really just play this one to drive my teenage sons to roll their eyes at the boy band music.

dancing mom

The weight set and the medicine ball, having push up contests with the boys (they’re getting better), and power walking around town with my Aunt.  And, of course, I know what DaddyFoster will say.  Yes, Honey, that too.





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