I choose…



This morning I had a meeting. I have the awesome privilege to work with others in my area to advocate for the needs of the underserved populations in our county. So bright and early, I drop Boys 3, 4, and 5 off at the day care and head off to the meeting.
On the way home this afternoon I had a conversation with Boy #5.
“How was your meeting?” he asked. Isn’t it cute when they talk like grown-ups?
“It was great. It was a really good meeting.”
“What did they do to you?” Apparently he doesn’t have a clue what a meeting is.
“Sweetie, a meeting is when people meet, to talk about things. We talked about helping people. People who are poor, or sick, or disabled, or homeless, or maybe they fought in a war, people that need help.”
At this point he tells me they have a helper chart in their class. “We talk about helping too, Mom!”

helper chart
“We also talked about saying ‘thank you’ to helpers” I hope he takes this one to heart.
Next week I may have the opportunity to speak with state legislators, to educate them about issues. To share how their decisions affect the these people I choose to represent. What a great opportunity, but also a little scary! I’ll leave you with this quote, currently one of my favorites, from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:
“I choose to identify with the underprivileged,” King said. “I choose to identify with the poor. I choose to give my life for the hungry. I choose to give my life for those who have been left out of the sunlight of opportunity. I choose to live for those who find themselves seeing life as a long and desolate corridor with no exit sign. This is the way I’m going. If it means suffering a little bit, I’m going that way. If it means sacrificing, I’m going that way. If it means dying for them, I’m going that way, because I heard a voice saying, `Do something for others.'”




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