Raindrops and Rainbows



We had a rough afternoon. It was a meltdown day. Living with a child with impulse issues can be very challenging at times. We had one of those times.  It’s a little like having a toddler…in the body of a teenager.  He is a clever boy, but like most kids his age, he’s not nearly as clever as he thinks.

There may have been misunderstanding.  I may have been close to meltdown myself.  But I stood my ground.  And I hold on to that.  I back down or question myself way too often.


But it was hard.  Last week was a crazy, and this left me feeling alone and confused.  I’m not always like that.  I’m much more a glass half full kind of person.  Always looking for the silver lining.  A regular Pollyanna.  But occasionally the dark clouds of anger, frustration, and fear blot out my sunshine.  Today was one of those days.  And when I looked outside, real clouds were blotting out the sunshine which had me pulling out the sandals this morning.  Big raindrops splatting on my deck.  And I prayed.  “God, if there was ever a day I needed a rainbow, today is the day.”  I needed to be reminded of His promises.  I needed to be reminded He is still in control, even when my life seems to be falling apart.

I looked to the sky and guess what I saw there?


I smiled with tears in my eyes and said “Thank you.”


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