Happy Birthday Dear……




Really, DaddyFoster’s Dad. This man is perhaps one of the best chefs the world has ever known. And the world is blessed that he has passed the talent on to other men in his family. DaddyFoster, his dad, and his oldest brother seem to have a refined palate which allows them to taste and smell a dish and know exactly what it needs. I’m sorry, they do not have a restaurant, but surely if they did, it would be fabulous! No, the greatest, most thankful, recipients of this culinary genius is the family. And we are so blessed. Happy Birthday, Dad!

…Great, Great Grandma E. Lillian Hart!

If Grandma were alive for his birthday she would be 117 years old!  This wonderful woman, born in 1896, left this earthly plane in 1986 at the age of 90.  My most vivid memories of her are of her sweet smile, and how she used to take out her teeth to entertain my younger brother and me.  We would giggle and so would she, probably amused that such a simple (and a little gross) action could bring such laughter from children.  What a privilege it must have been to see her great granddaughter grow up and have children of her own.  Some of the stories about Grandma Hart are filled in by others.  How she disliked her first name, Eliza, because children called her lizard in school.  How her house always smelled of peaches.  How in her childhood travels with her family across the country she once got in trouble for pouring out the rest of her cup of water.  Water wasn’t easy to come by on the trail, so you didn’t waste a drop!  I’m sure if she were here, she could fill us in on so much more.  Happy Birthday, Grandma!

…Theodor Seuss Geisel!

theodor seuss geisel

My favorite author, of course!  This mans imagination knew no bounds.  The rhythm of his written words roll so easily from the mouth.  Unless you are reading my favorite book, Fox in Socks.  These twisters are great exercise for your tongue!  Hours listening to his books as a child surely inspired the name of one boy.  I’ll let you guess, but know that not one of my sons is named Oliver Boliver Butt.  Happy 109th, Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss, aka Theo LeSieg, aka Rosetta Stone (for Because a Little Bug went Kachoo!)!


…Bedřich Smetana

Several years ago, I heard a wonderful piece of music on the classical station.  A song that ebbed and flowed, rose and fell, moved about in swirls.  I instantly fell in love.  Later I would learn the piece was composed by Bedřich Smetana, a Czech composer, about a river in his Bohemian homeland.  Vltava (or The Moldau) led me to the rest of the songs in Ma Vlast suite, as well as other pieces.  If you have never heard The Moldau, I encourage you to listen.  Happy 189th Birthday, Bedřich!


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