Be still…


I did it. I finally cried. Why? Because I’m frustrated. Because I’m lonely. Because I’m tired. Because my husband is 2,000 miles away. 2,055 miles according to Google maps. Because I’m discouraged and overwhelmed.  So I’m sitting here with my sharing size bag of peanut M&M’s.  And I’m not sharing them.

We are both feeling a little overwhelmed and discouraged.  DaddyFoster arrived in our new state last Monday. He has to find us a home before he returns here on July 3rd to join us on the 5 day trip across the country.  We’re only one week into this…how much sanity will I have at the end?


And what a noisy home search it has been.

“Live here!”

“Don’t live there!”

“There’s crime in that neighborhood!”

“This neighborhood is safe!”

“These schools are rated the best!”

“These schools are…ok.”

I have even been told about the “diversity” of the various cities and towns, as well as these areas level of open-mindedness to said “diversity”.  I can honestly say in all my moves (9 times in 16 years) has this ever been a conversation.

And the noise is getting to me.  It’s getting to DaddyFoster too.  I can hear in his voice.  I think if we don’t find a place soon, I can imagine him spinning in a circle with his eyes closed, then pointing at the first house he sees. “That’s it!”  Don’t do it, Sweetie, you’ll get awfully dizzy.

It’s not that we’re not accustomed to noise.  We do have five sons.  There are shouts and screams, bellows and bangs, giggles and songs.  We have a bass and a tenor, a trumpet player and a trombone player and one who can cry louder than any one else in the world.  You think I’m kidding.  I’m not.  We play video games and board games, watch movies, and listen to lots of music.  We love music.  So, you see, noise is no stranger to the Foster clan.

But this is a noise that gets into your head.  It clangs and bangs and gets in the way.  You can’t think, you can’t sleep, you can’t hear…..Him.

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


Yes.  Be still.  Meditate on Him.  Shut out the noise.

And know that He is God.  God!  The Creator!  The King of this crazy jungle we call life!  He is in control.  What do we have to be worried about?

But I admit it.  I am worried.  That is something I have trouble letting go of.  I try giving these worries to God, but I think I feel naked without them, so I take them back.  Sigh.

So we’re asking for prayer tonight.  Friends, please pray for encouragement.  Pray we are still, that we move past the “noise” of this crazy move, and listen the Lord.  Pray for that peace that passes all understanding.  Thank you.





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  1. Amee & Brian – Just consider yourself on a new adventure. One where God understands your needs and delights in meeting them!
    Your verse reminded me of a time long ago and far away. I was going in to my junior year of high school and attending Quaker Meadow, a Friends Summer camp high in the Sierra mountains near Yosemite. As you know, my life back then was pretty broken. I had accepted Christ the year before but it wasn’t taking very well. Camp that year ended solidifying my decision to follow Jesus.
    Away up on a hill just outside camp there was an area set aside for meditation and prayer. It was in a small grove of sequoias and only had a few seats. At front in the middle was a rustic wooden cross tagged with the verse you quoted: Be still and know that I am God. I spent a lot of time that year in that garden. It profoundly impacted the direction of my life as I renewed my commitment to Jesus.
    I had cameras at camp with me that year and took a photo of the garden with the cross. Once home I developed the photos from camp and was eager to see how that photo came out. (I did my own darkroom work back then.) As the finished photo began to appear in the developing tray I realized that I had messed it up; I had rotated the camera and nothing looked right. But as the photo continued to develope I began to see a remarkable (at least to me) photo come to life. In the center was the cross and it did show the rotation effect! Only the surrounding content was messy due to the rotation. As I pulled the photo out of the tray to look closer I saw peace come to my life out of the messy brokenness that was all around me. It was as if God had spoken directly to me saying ‘ Keep your eyes on me’.
    I still have that photo – it goes wherever I go. Currently it hangs on a wall just to the side of my desk at home and reminds me to ‘Be still and know that I am God’. It has served me well fir close to 50 years now. His Word will not fail us. -Stephen

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